Kition Ocean Marina is a Member of CYMEPA

The company Kition Ocean Marina, is added to the list of members of CYMEPA, the NGO that supports the protection of the marine environment.
The executives and staff of Kition Ocean Marina, now actively participate in the CYMEPA Foundation, which in collaboration with maritime agencies and inland organizations, carry out actions for prevention, awareness, education, information and practical care to deal with and prevent marine pollution.
The Operations Manager of Kition Ocean Marina, Anastasis Filippou, received the certificate of participation, from the representative of CYMEPA, Christos Tsagaris. Mr. Filippou described the participation in CYMEPA's activities, which reflect the philosophy of the two companies, as an honor and an obligation at the same time.
"We live and work by the sea and thus contribute to the creation of a culture for the protection of the vast blue sea and its shores. The various events that we host at the Larnaca Marina always focus on the sea and the benefits that we all get", says Mr. Filippou.
With the completion of the ambitious Port-Marina project, he notes, "all actions will be taken to claim the Blue Flag, which will be a title of honor for us".
Also, Kition Ocean Marina, promises cordial cooperation with the CYMEPA Foundation and participation in initiatives cleaning the seabed and the coasts, training young people and hosting events for young and old, aimed at raising public awareness and attracting them closer to the sea.