"Kition Voluntary Blood Donation Day"

Kition Ocean Holdings, successfully conducted on Friday, 17 March 2023 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. the "Kition Voluntary Blood Donation Day" at its offices in the Larnaca Port (Passengers Terminal- Arrivals 6-8 Georgiou Vizyinou Street, 6017 Larnaca).
We thank the staff, friends and partners who supported the VOLUNTARY BLOOD DONATION which we carried out and they joined us in a fight which may be difficult but is also but also very beautiful, "SHARE THE GIFT OF LIFE".
Donating blood is truly a 'gift of life' that healthy people can give to sick or injured people. The need for blood is constant and increasing, but only 3% of people who meet the age requirements in Cyprus donate blood annually.
Blood donation was open to anyone who wished to donate to help together, people in need.
Guidelines for volunteer blood donors
• All healthy men and women of 18-65 years of age, weighing more than 50 kg and feeling well on the day of blood donation can donate blood.
• They should be rested and have had a light breakfast. They should have slept enough and not consumed a large amount of alcohol the night before.
• Also, it must have been 3 months since the previous blood donation for men and 4 for women, as well as 28 days after the symptoms of COVID-19 have subsided.
Corporate Social Responsibility is a particularly important priority for Kition Ocean Holdings, and therefore promotes and applauds similar actions that are intended to benefit our fellow human beings.