Larnaca Marina has opened its doors to the public

The historic opening of Larnaca Marina for the public of Larnaca and the whole of Cyprus took place on Friday and Saturday, 28 and 29 October 2022 in a festive atmosphere. Thousands of visitors enjoyed the musical performances that were presented while they had the opportunity to see closely the changes made after the activation of the agreement between the Republic of Cyprus and KITION OCEAN HOLDINGS. Larnaca Marina was again made available to the public with a 24-hour opening after almost 50 years.

The visitors who had an image in their mind of the premises and facilities of the Marina said they were impressed by the changes made in the short period of time under the management of the company that undertook the Redevelopment Project of the Marina and the Port of Larnaca.
On the other hand, visitors who did not know and never had the opportunity to enter the Marina's grounds had the opportunity to see the wonderful grounds, declaring that it is great that they now have the Marina in their options for a family outing, with children, with friends, for a leisurely walk by the sea for food, drink, games and events.

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