Signing of Dining Spots Agreement in the Port and the Larnaca Marina with the company POEMCO LTD

In a modest ceremony held at the offices of KITION OCEAN HOLDINGS on Tuesday 13 September 2022 was signed by Mr. Panos Alexandrou Founder of KITION OCEAN HOLDINGS, the company that undertook the Project of the redevelopment of the Marina and Port of Larnaca, and the Director of the company POEMCO LTD, Mr. Dimitris Michaelidis, the agreement regarding them dining areas within the Port and Marina of Larnaca.
The agreement refers to three dining spots, two in the Marina and one in the Port of Larnaca.
Specifically the company POEMCO LTD will operate in the Marina a canteen-cafeteria named "KRAKEN" and a restaurant named "AGGISTRI". While at the Port, a restaurant will operate for its staff and guests.