P.O.N.A.THA event: "With open sails…ships full of smiles"

The Pancypriot Offshore Sailing Club (P.O.N.A.THA) organized on Saturday July 9 at 9:30am with great success the event "with open sails…ships full of smiles". The institutions participated in the event Agalia Elpidas-Pancypriot Organization of Parents and Friends of Children with Cerebral and Other Paralysis and the Center for Disabled Adults "Dikaioma Elpidas". The sponsor of the event was Larnaca Marina.
The children together with their parents and friends boarded 8 boats from Larnaca Marina they sailed in the bay of Larnaca where they enjoyed the beach front of the Finikoudes, the Medieval castle, saw the planes up close and learned the secrets of sailing from the captains.
Before the sea ride, a modest ceremony was held in which the Deputy Mayor of the city, Mr. Iasonas Iasonidis, the president of P.O.N.ATHA, addressed a greeting on behalf of the Mayor of Larnaca. Mr. Giorgos Kazanos, and the Director of the Marina Capt. Paris Dimitriou.
In his greeting, Deputy Mayor Mr. Iasonas Iasonidis said: "I want to thank Kition Ocean Marina who supports this event and the group P.O.N.ATHA. who cares about the quality of life of these children. Mr. Iasonidis said that if we could all help in this way, we would have a much better world than we have today"
Speaking on behalf of the organizers, the president of P.O.N.ATHA. Mr. George Kazanos expressed: "This year we managed to organize this event that we did in 2019 despite the fact that we had promised to hold it every year. Unfortunately the pandemic did not allow us to do that in 2020-2021.. We feel a satisfaction that we can offer to people who cannot enter the sea alone. I hope this year the children will enjoy beautiful moments that they enjoyed the last time we organized this event."
Finally, the Director of Larnaca Marina Capt. Paris Dimitriou speaking on behalf of the sponsor noted: "Today, Larnaca Marina is present along with P.O.N.ATHA. because the sea is a hug for everyone and especially for children. Larnaca Marina will be next to the associations and sailing clubs in such actions."
This was followed by lunch at the Larnaca Marina where the children shared their experience and asked the Captains questions.
The event aimed to offer the children of the Group’s organization a unique experience and help them to be inspired and engage more with the sea.